Wednesday, May 30, 2007

May 28-30 - Keremeos to Kelowna, BC

Up through dry land
sage brush surviving in between the cracks
sun burning up beads of sweat

We get to Penticton
cancel the show
change of ownership means nobody knows

On to Kelowna
up some long hills
mellowed only by a carload of beautiful girls:

Asta K et al
home from a festival holiday
spotted us and stopped on the side of the road

O to socialize!
O the estrogen!
Oh yeah... we needed that...

to get up one last long hill
before another hero, (saviour Jeremy's cousin)
Deren Sentesy, welcomes us into his home

He is kind and collected
He is down to earth
He knows what he wants

Kelowna is hot, gorgeous
yet not home
like a one-night stand

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