Saturday, May 12, 2007

So it Begins

I arrived in Powell River on May 8th after a wonderful train ride across the country. I was surprised at some of the landscape as I came across, beauty in places I was not expecting. Northern Ontario goes on forever but I always found myself peering out the window looking for animals and to see the littles traces of history, small towns, all telegraph wires slowly falling over. I met some really kind people on my journey. Keith is the the one playing guitar in the picture and Julia is playing fiddle. The dome cars are a great place to hang out, play tunes, play cards or just gaze out at the view. It will be nice to get together with Keith again on Salt Spring Island.

A hight-light was meeting Dorthea, and 80 something year old woman who had taken the train to Toronto just to see two Operas she had always wanted to see. We had a wonderful conversation over dinner while weaving our way through the mountains. It was inspiring to meet someone older who is so full of life and wanting to keep seeing the world no matter her age, I hope I continue to do the same as I grow old. I hope to see her at our show in Victoria.

Going through the mountains by train was a true joy. I find mountains are too imposing and full of splendor for words, they must be experienced. This is the view pulling into the station in Jasper!

Johnny and I have been getting all the final details together and head out on the road today, trailers and all. We are both feeling a little tense about what lies ahead with all the weight we are carrying and all the hills and mountains coming our way soon.

The show last night was a humble beginning to this monster event, a tiny place that has a great vibe and an audience that was with us the whole time. I get the feeling they will be following us as we cross, wanting to know how our jitters work themselves out.

Ok time to put some kilometers in our legs...


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Kaeljia said...

Hey Guys; Kellie here..
it was great to meet you at the Crown and Anchor, being Mother's Day and all guess some of the jammer's wives said "Not tonight Dear!"
I hope you feel better Johnny, some olive oil on your wounds will help them heal faster. I look forward to following your adventure. As the Queen of Hearts said," believe in the impossible. "
keep positive thoughts and a smile on your face, and what you need will be there for you when you need it.
May your tires always remain pumped,dry days follow your journey, cool winds ease the sweat, and good friends meet you along the way.