Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mangy BC Hills...

The last few days of riding have been glorious, snow topped mountains with views that make me silent, which is hard to do. Coming into Hope I had my bike weighed at a weigh station, Hope is just before the mountains begin, just the bike and gear weighs about 175 pounds!!! That is just nuts! I've been doing well, with vistas like this how can I not be drawn away from my little bits of pain into the beauty. The hardest part has been that I got sick and have been on antibiotics for the last few days, climbing up a mountain while coughing is a little bit much sometimes but with the views I soon forget.

The big shock for me was getting into some of the areas that have been infested with mountain pine beetles, huge swaths of land just decimated, but its not our fault in any way is it...

That's all for now, we are playing the Music Under the K festival today, nothing like being surrounded by valleys and mountains while playing a show!!!


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