Sunday, May 27, 2007

Keremeos gigs...

Today was a double header for us, first Cawstons Hall and then Uncle Johnny's. Both gigs were good fun, the first was a cool mix of different people playing piano. I managed to get through a few songs with out coughing up a storm as this is the first time I have sang in a week. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the tunes I played and to top it off we walked away with a big bag of leftover deserts! always handy while cycling all the time.

(The view back into Keremeos today)

After that we were at Uncle Johnny's for another show. I have to say that the hardest riding I have done came with that stretch of road back into Keremeos with a wind from hell in my face... I hope the prairies don't have anything like this in store for us. The gig there was nice, it was a little on the tough side for me having to sing with a Halls mint in my mouth to stop the coughing. I had to give up singing for a while and go back to instrumentals. I think all should be good for Tuesday night at this point as it is getting much better.
(Johnny at Uncle Johnny's)

Time for bed now folks its late and windy here. I promise I will remember to take more pictures at the gigs as well not just all the biking. Its easier to ride a bike and take pictures than play guitar and take pictures. I think Johnny is happy to have a few days to relax after a few longer ones, I can't wait to get back out there!!!

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