Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Gabriola Island

I am now on sunny Gabriola Island which has been great! We arrived on Monday night with Johnny's friend Jeremy joined us for a few days pf riding Which was a nice treat. He ended up being a big help as Johnny's knee has been a giving him a little trouble and Jeremy ended up taking the trailer for the day. Johnny seems to be doing better and has lightened his load until we get to Vancouver. Jeremy treated us to a lovely B&B called the Hummingbird, it was a little piece of paradise. Tonight is the house concert which promises to be really good, I will be looking out onto the ocean while performing. We are now heading into our first stint of solid biking and gigging, should be intense.

I will add more soon with pictures but the computer I'm on won't let me upload the pictures. I have been practicing this morning in a nice little shack that looks out onto the bay, life is really good.


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