Saturday, May 12, 2007

May 12 - Powell River - Kit's Home

And so it begins...

We spent yesterday running around like headless chickens, putting boxes of excess gear in the mail to be sent home, doing radio interviews with Jump Community Radio in Powell River and the CBC in Ottawa, practicing for hours and playing a show.

The show, at Local Loco's Music & Arts Cafe, was a modest beginning to a monstrous tour. We played to about half a dozen kind, supportive, good listeners. The timing was unfortunate because many of the employees of the cafe, and many regular patrons, were at a Fairies and Fools costume rave nearby. I don't really mind, though - both Derek and I needed to get some rust off and ease into touring. Here's a photo of us before the show:

So, last night was playing and today is cycling. If Derek has the challenge of discovering the gruel of playing every second night, then I think I get the short end of the stick discovering the gruel of cycling nearly every day with a heavily laden trailer behind me to power up hills with only my legs. I have not felt like such a weakling in years. My legs are fighting to get up hills as I huff and puff. I am beginning to wish I wasn't so poor while I was in Nelson, as training at the gym would've been a good idea.

We get on the 5:15pm ferry tonight out of Powell River, and will likely cycle an hour or so down the coast of Vancouver Island before looking for a place to camp for the night. Wish us luck! I, at least, I think, will need it!

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YukonWolf said...

Now my computer is up and running I cam finally say: Good luck with the tour! I was going to email you but I've now lost your email. Technology eh? Speaking of which, using the cell for the tour is just flirting with the dark side, keeping it after is crossing to the dark side.
Going crosscountry is definitely a Canadian experience and by bike with no practice, you're either brave or completely East Ham. I'll be following the blog from here, where we had wet snow when I was dog walking earlier today.
Take care

PS East Ham is on the London Underground, one stop short of Barking.