Tuesday, May 22, 2007

May 17 - Salt Spring Island - A Poetic Manifesto on Poor Art

there is an ease
breathing room
with a full show


the poor artist is honestly poor
not willing
not a stereotype
not wanting to starve for it, really
there is no romance in that

every time we are shown
that we are not valued
we don't just turn the anguish
into more art

(we'd make it regardless)

we don't eat
don't sleep

it is hardly a living

those who believe there is joy
in doing what is loved for nothing
are misinformed

yes, there is joy in the giving
in the making
in performing

but there is less in the work
less in the hours preparing, traveling
less in the straining of valued relationships

and there is none
no joy
in starving, freezing, or knowing
you just spent your time
pouring your heart out
for no one
or worse
a crowd that doesn't care
you aren't living

living the dream?
a quote from Willie P. Bennett to ponder:

"When I started out in this business I set for myself reasonable goals ... and I have a house full of beer."

That dream is still far ahead.

Support the artists you love.

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