Wednesday, May 16, 2007

May 15 - Gabriola Is - Hummingbird B&B

Write this down:
Hummingbird B&B. Gabriola Island.
Somewhere you won't forget.

Just after lunch
a big hill
chain falls off
knee cries: Stop!
I walk up.

Day continues this way
getting worse
every hill.

Saviour Jeremy takes my trailer.
One leg does most of my work
struggles to get me on
and on
too many times.

Saviour Jeremy treats us
hot tub -
I am so thankful.

There is a nurse here.
She gives me advice
to ice.
I do.
It helps.
So does Advil.

Through this all
Derek is a rock
concerned, helpful, supportive.

I am so often reminded
how lucky I am in my friends.

When you cultivate care with good people
the crop is always good.

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