Monday, May 21, 2007


Day 1 with all our gear

Road Rash for Johnny!

I'm at my friend Cat's in Vancouver on our day off, good to be back in this town. I lived here for two years so it feels a little like home. Yesterday was a little on the long side, from Victoria to Vancouver in the rain... then I biked to Cat's place, couldn't find the right place, didn't have the cell on me, didn't have Cat's number, only had some cash to buy a phone card to track him down, this was all after having riden about 95km in the rain, oh yeah and played a show to top it all off... I was not a happy man by the time I got to bed.
The show however was great. Sarah Metzner and Kyle Cameron joined us and we did a song circle style show. Sarah was wonderful, such a beautiful voice, and Kyle was a real treat, good tunes, great voice, glad they were there to join the fun.
To backup a little since last I typed Gabriola Island was a really good show, it was my first house concert and it was right up my alley. It is always amazing to have an audience that is listening and you can play songs that people pick up on all the little twists in the lyrics. Thanks again to Dinna, what a wonderful place.

Next was Saltspring Island, which we passed through pretty quickly. It was a nice place to play, in a gallery filled with art of all types, some beautiful sculptures. A little thin in the audience but I had a nice time talking to the gallery owner Chris, we are very much on the same page about music and art.

On the road to Saltspring

To get to Galieano Island on time we had to get up at 5am after our Saltspring gig to catch the ferry, which is a little on the early side for me... The sun was still comming up over the mountains as we pulled out of the dock, a very picturesque morning. I was tired but stode out on the deck for a long time, it was moment that was not be taken for granted. Getting up this early however meant that we had no riding to do on Galieano since the Grand Central was right by the ferry. I ended up going for a ride anyway, the bike becomes an addiction after a while, your body craves the fresh air and endorphines you get from the excersize. I spent the tour pedaling and sitting by the ocean finishing a few songs I have been working on. The gig that night was a blast, people were out top have a good time on the long weekend and we gave it to them. I played a few tunes from my days playing in a Blues band that I haven't played in years which was a blast. Johnny got up and played like a lunitic that night, he has some pretty funny tunes that he pulled out that night. I also got to meet Tim Harvey who has done one hell of a trip around the world all under human power, check it out here:

It was great to talk to someone who has done something that intense, what a great trip!

Tim and I

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