Sunday, May 27, 2007

May 25 - Manning Park - Mule Deer Campsite

The mountain pass that scared me
that had me worrying
that I'd be weak
turned out to be hard
yet feel easy

We reached Allison Pass
all of a sudden
I was shocked and elated

Two long climbs -
Hope Slide and Allison Pass -
chopped up into managable increments
and one last push
to the rhythm of "I's the Bay that Builds the Boat"
brought me to Derek pointing at the sign:
Allison Pass - 1341m

So I can climb a mountain on a bike.

Earlier this year, I climbed a mountain on snow shoes.
I am doing things I haven't before
and it satisfies.

On top of the mountain climbing
we made good time
despite my chain getting stuck twice
my gear changer getting bent and stripped
so that the second climb
was spent in my second-best gear
testing my strength

I now know what Derek and others have said
why almost anyone could do this.

We are less crazy than we are driven,
tired of what's lazy, and looking to be proven.

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