Sunday, May 27, 2007

May 20-23 - Victoria to Hope, BC

distant now is the race in the rain
fast to keep warm
giddiness our shield

distant is lost and separated
lack of trust, intuition
will to ask the stranger for direction
love for the helpfulness
(and wonder - is it really Canadian
this big city friendliness?)

distant is the rush
to get there, to get ready
to get on stage, to get out quickly
the whirl
yet time to absorb
Sara's kin to my creativity - her soul-love strong in her singing
Kyle's heart poured out, never with enough attention
Derek's skill, dexterity, and the way people stare at it
time to observe and perform
and feel joy at so many old and new friends
well met again
so little time for them

even my "day off" was busy
until the wind at our backs
blew us out of Vancouver
a mere four hours to Mission
another four to Hope
(good luck, that)

present is my body tired and sore
and the taunt of these mountains
up at every angle

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