Sunday, July 1, 2007

July 1 - Winnipeg, MB

Well, Winnipeg has been eventful. The show at Candor was well attended, considering the circumstances being Canada Day weekend. Then, the show at Park Theatre - well, no so well attended. BUT, for me, it was worth it because Karla ("Lily" from Jacob & Lily) said some things that reminded me why I should be doing this, why I AM doing this: for the love of it. Why? No, not because of some cushy romantic idealism, but for the pragmatic reason that there is no other reason to tour folk music. There is barely enough money. The audience numbers are unreliable, and the listeners are sometimes few. One cannot do it for money. One cannot depend on the energy of an audience. One can only find joy in what one is doing, in the music. If one cannot find that, one might as well quit.

This is one of the issues that has been confronting myself and Derek, and I, at least, have come out the other side with a healthier approach and perspective.

On the personal front, Derek and I have been having some problems, but I think the worst has passed. It was bound to happen on this trip. We are too different to not get under each other's skin every now and then. It's like an arranged marriage - very difficult to manage, but I think we'll get through to the end without any serious damage. There are things for us to talk about, but once we do, I'm sure it will be water under the bridge.

I can't wait to get on the road again, taking 2.5 relatively stress-free days to get to Kenora, and a couple more tame ones to Wabigoon where we meet up with Asta and Kristin (our hostesses way back in Vernon), which will be joyous for me because there's some romance attached.

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