Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I'm here I'm here...

My time in front of computers has been pretty slim these days but with a little time here in Sudbury I will update the world from my side a little. First off I think that lake Superior is a hidden treasure of this country! The largest lake in the world, an inland ocean with views that inspire me to want to paint (which I don't) leaving me thinking that people up here are trying to keep this place a secret. The two days we spent at Naturally Superior Adventures in Wawa were wonderful! The view left nothing to be desired as Kristin and I enjoyed this place where the lines of water and sky mix creating a magical little world. The show that night was a fun one as well with a packed room and a view that looked out across Lake Superior while the sun was setting. Before playing one of my instrumental tunes I told the audience to just stair out the window and together the sound and view would mesh into one. At that gig we meet a nice family who we would later cross paths with...

On the way to Sault Saint Marie while riding Kristin and I happened to see a note written on the back of someones mini van window that said "Bikes follow this path... Derek we met you at the concert." so when you see something like that you have to follow!!! So we walked down this path and it was as if we had landed in the tropics, a most superior lake indeed. The nice folks we had met at the show in Wawa were hanging on the beach of a place called Bathtub Island. It was something I had never imagined in Ontario, clear water, white sand, and that little island was like a bathtub as it had a little pool in the centre that was nice and toasty! After visiting for a while we continued pedaling towards the Soo.

Soo Saint Marie was a really fun gig for me. I don't know what it was but I had a great. Some nice people came out with encouraging words about the tour and also our friends from Bathtub showed up again!!!!

Then there were a few snags lets say, the gig in Thessalon left, well and audience to be desired. The same night there was a stag and doe for a couple getting married this summer so the whole town was there... So Kristin and I did what any normal people would do, we went to the local Tavern and drank bad beer.

Now the next fun gig story was in Blind River. Imagine if you will kristin and I roll into town and find Johnny all ready at the place we are going to be playing, nothing weird there... Then we find out that the person who had booked us was actually just the cleaning lady and sometimes bar maid so there was no gig. Imagine it Johnny phones "Hey we are doing a tour..." I had to laugh, how often do you get secretly booked by the cleaning lady!

So whats there to say, the riding from Thunderbay to the Sault was something I will not soon forget, it felt like my first real moment of shock on this tour seeing a part of this country I never knew was there.


More pics will come as soon as I am at a computer that I can uplaod them to, not in the nice town library...

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