Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What are you up to?

Now for a rant:
So I am cycling across Canada to promote doing things differently, to challenge people to think about the way they live their lives, this is a tall order. All along the trip I have been asked "Are you doing it for Cancer, Heart and Stroke..." no I am not. My Mom died from cancer so I could have done it for that cause but I don't like the idea of people giving up their money to this big huge void that is cancer, it is too removed to me, no real impact just giving a little money. What I was hoping for was some thought, for people to possibly DARE to care. Feel the fear of KNOWING we have done harm to this nice place we call home, and, KNOW that we are the ones who will suffer in the end, then step into the COURAGE and ACTION phase. I have heard so many "reasons" that people can't bike to work, the store, whatever... So I ask people out in Blog land to tell me what you are up to to change something in your life because I could use a little inspiration myself.


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Sarah (Ternoway) von Riedemann said...

what am i doing? little stuff, mostly:
-choosing to live somewhere where everything i need/use is within bike/transit range
-going organic/local as much as possible (especially for meat, when i eat it at all)
-changing incandescent lightbulbs for compact fluorescents (for fear of David Suzuki creepily turning up in my house in the night *grin*)

and a whole lot of thinking about how to make some meaningful bigger changes.

and, of course, planning to come to the exquisitely inspiring Musicycle show when the tour stops in this big stinky city next Thursday. :)

btw, if you boys need a place to crash or other support while you're in/around Toronto, gimme a call....