Sunday, July 29, 2007

Jul 26 - North Bay, ON

so... days spent getting to know the good side of Sudbury - such an interesting place. after the first night spent grungy and nasty in Canada's scuzziest band room, i ran into Phil & Libby (from the show at NSA in Wawa) and they bought me lunch and connected me with a place to stay at the home of their friend Heather Topp, a wonderful and strong-minded eccentric artist who kept me up happily late debating a world of things over red wine. she is vibrant and lively - full of that creative energy that some artists posess in their personality, making them larger than life.

i picked up a show on tuesday at the laughing buddha, and while i had limited fun playing, i had a wonderful night partying with the staff, getting to know them, and unwinding in a way that is sorely missed on the road - as part of a group.

i've been gluttonous lately, feeling a need to enjoy as many things as i can. living stringent is no longer suiting me. i find myself looking forward to points ahead, when i will rediscover love with friends and family. and, i find myself looking forward to getting on the bicycle again. i will have to get re-acquainted with it before riding out the last three weeks.

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