Friday, June 29, 2007

The Peg for a few days...

So what have I been up to for the last little while?

Finding my joy in cycling again, seeing this country and enjoying the views, the rain, the wind, the people. The joy of this tour for me has been the kind people that I have met, people that share their lives and homes with me as I go. One day I decided to do something a little crazy. I put in 301km in one day on the old bike! This was something I never thought I would be able to do. Definitely a challenge for myself. I put in almost 11 hours on the bike that day, the sun slowly, every so slowly sinking into Canada's prairie. Giving me as much time as it could to allow me to reach my goal. I had to turn off the Trans-Canada at about 10pm. I was afraid of getting under the wheels of some nice truck as it got dark. As I began winding my way down a nice little rural road, a dear came out to greet me, leaping over the fence on the side of the road it helped push me on. I finally stopped at 301km on the doorstep of a nice couple who didn't even flinch when I knocked on their door at 10:45pm and asked if I could camp in their backyard. They didn't miss a beat. Offered me a hot chocolate. I sat talked and celebrated with the lovely people of Manitoba. This is a day I will never forget.

The next night was another great surprise. I met Dan and Jordan who are cycling across Canada this summer as well. It was a wonderful opportunity to sit and chat with other people who are really cycling across Canada. The next day I rode with them to Winnipeg enjoying the sun and laughing along the way. I wish them the best on their trip.

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