Tuesday, July 31, 2007


So yesterday I busted out a nice long day, 170km to get to Toronto to surprise my friend Shane. Nothing like just ringing someones doorbell and saying hello! But let me backup a little first, back to Sudbury... It was fun and, well, kind of a dive all at the same time. I got to do a good interview for CBC North so that was cool. I just walked into the lobby and told them what I was up to and low and behold I got to speak with Greg and do an interview.

The night of the gigs Kristin ended up walking back to the hotel as a guy at the show was being a complete pain in the butt. Then to top it all off she got cat called like crazy and other rude gestures on the way back. On the flip side I got to play the Townhouse tavern and Paul who booked us was really nice about the whole gig and listened very intently which was great.

Next was North Bay, where we played at the 100 Georges, a really nice place to play. Kristin and I had our nice fare the well dinner there; the food was excellent and we lived like royalty for the night. The next morning we said goodbye as she drove away on the bus...what followed was the hardest day of riding. My heart feeling heavier than all my gear ever had.

Next was the Zen Waffle Inn which was a cool gig right on the water. That afternoon I played a solid set and really had a good time after with Peter and Vki jamming away.

So here I am in Toronto, there was a gig in Aliston that Johnny is going to do on his own. Since he isn't biking he was heading to Hamilton to visit Asta and then heading back up to Aliston for the gig while I would be up there with no where to stay for 3 nights, so I decided to make a break for Toronto to visit with friends since I won't be back to this city for a long time since my future looks very Northern....


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