Friday, July 13, 2007

Jul 4 - Kenora, ON - Merry Independence Day, America

Merry Independence Day, America
Give account of what your independence includes, please.

Peace? Nope - can't say that -
the fat cats
you chose
or who stole
or both
(with money and method that won't be disclosed)
have declared that your lives will be lived in fear
as long as they have dollars pouring in
'cause that's the one thing America's got, isn't it -
cold hard cash
for cold hard people
to buy cold hard weapons
to be pried from the cold hard hands
of cold dead sons and daughters

Keep marching on Iraq, children
Go defend that dollar -
it's all America has left, isn't it,
since the reaper so long ago claimed "Liberty and Justice for all" for his own
wearing his mask like yer man on his democratic throne

Merry Independence Day, America
O say can you see where your freedom has gone -
to racial profiling
walls to keep Mexicans out
patients dying on unsubsidized tables
war gone wrong
a vote that can't be trusted
and government contracts awarded to the already filthy disgusting rich

Your freedom is tied in the back yard, America
reduced to a dog crying to get in
unable to break the chain and bust out

Merry Independence Day, America
Will you ever know freedom again?

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