Friday, July 20, 2007

Jul 18 - Wawa, ON - Naturally Superior Adventures' Rock Island Lodge

the room here smells like my grandparents', back in time in nova scotia - their house on shaw island. i am immersed in nostalgia, eager to get there, to go back, see it. my love is on shores. this place reminds me of the fact. the water is easing me. i climb the jagged banks of these shores - bushwakking, trail-blazing, loving it. i swim though i want it to be ocean, want salt in my hair, in my nose, on my skin. the smells - i am so attached to them. today i caught a grass snake and loved that reptilian smell on my hand - memories of catching frogs as a kid. after i held it for thirty seconds it was so calm....

people here are kind but private, independant, or on special vacations. anyway they mostly keep to themselves. a couple from Sudbury have provided some good conversation, though, and David, the owner, has a voracious wit reminding me of my uncle David.

tomorrow is my last day here, though i am not sad to leave it. sitting mostly idle with few distractions stirs up my wandering spirit, and i feel it is time to move on again. tomorrow is go to sault, and new challenges....

....and now one of the wicked storms of Superior approaches. it is difficult to sleep. my mind is on Derek and Kristin up ahead - are they safe? they have each other - i can ease a little knowing that. but the thunder, even off in the distance, is lound and ferocious. the lions are awake in the sky tonight. this wind is violent, whipping the tarps above my head. i love the lights, though i worry about everyone on this beach tonight - needlessly, no doubt. if trouble truly hits, what can i do to help them? weather renders us helpless. we'd all huddle into one of the buildings, i suspect.

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