Monday, July 23, 2007

Jul 20 - Thessalon, ON - Lakeside Park

feeling weary again - long nights and early mornings, a little too much beer drowned-in. i long to get off the road, and i don't want to end up writing songs about this. how is it one can be sitting on a beach discontented? this is not the first time i've asked myself this question, and yet i haven't answered it yet.

i have been seeking home and love for years now, hoping i would stumble into them. i may need to just make it happen. out there to the west, right now, there is a woman. she is my potential, she is my excitement. and while i move along and sometimes struggle to find my joy in playing, it can be hard to live with that - to feel alone despite knowing there is someone who is like magic....

yet bull shit - here i am, outdoors, light clouds lining up to pass the horizon, the sun slowly following them, the perfect heat on my skin. quit complaining, you idiot! you've got this, and she is waiting. stop being a business, start being a working vacation. this is joy you are living, you inconsistant twit!

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