Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Kenora and Trees....

Well here I am in Ontario, great big, massive, large, spacious, tree filled, lake covered, Ontario. This is where things will get interesting from a sanity point, as in how much of it can I keep seeing trees...trees...trees...lake...rock....trees... you get the idea. I have said since day one that this would be the toughest part. Now to top it all off my knee hurts like never in my life. I have cycled through numerous countries and never had an issue with my knee before. At least it only hurts when I go up hill, since this part of Ontario is supposed to be worse than the Rockies! Crap.

Kenora has been a nice place to be, with some sun to top it all off! Everywhere we go "We haven't had this much rain in years." just what I love to hear.

Johnny and I are getting along a little better now as things have been on the rough end for a little while. Other than the fact that we both play guitar and sing we really are complete opposites. Basically we spend less time cycling together and this seems to ease some tension.

Now all I am doing is counting the days until Thunder Bay... why... because my partner Kristin is meeting me there and will spend two weeks on the road with me!!!!

That's all for now... did any of you catch the CBC interview, I can't believe we sang that tune of Johnny's... never in my life would I have thought that I would do something like that.


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