Friday, June 15, 2007

Cones in the sky.. no not ice cream

I am sitting in the lovely public library in Lethbridge Alberta. It was a "fun" ride getting here. There was an amazing wind at our backs most of the day, what a joy wind is, when its at your back. The crazy part was when it started to rain, then hail, then I saw a cone forming in the sky, yes a tornado type cone up in the sky. As I wondered if it was going to touch down and take me for the ride of my life, what did I do, stopped to take a few pictures of course! It wasn't a huge cone but for a guy from a place than never sees things like that it was enough to make me a little excited lets say. Well it went away and did try and make me go really fast on my bike. Sorry no pics right now but I can't hook up my camera to this library computer.

the show in Nanton was great, a real joy to play to an audience that listens to every word you sing and really feeds you the energy you always want to get back! Main Street Cafe Nanton Alberta, more kind folks! Tonight we play the Slice Bar and Grill here in Lethbridge which is perfect because I have been craving Pizza like a mad man!

I'm going to sit in a park, play some guitar and work on some new songs I have been bouncing around in my head on our nice long bike rides.


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Anonymous said...

Hey Derek! People are asking how on earth are you carying your musical instruments. Pictures are desperately needed.

See ya in Quebec. W.