Sunday, June 24, 2007

Regina looks closer than it is...

Riding into Regina felt like my first true prarie experiance. You could see the city 25km before you arrive. It seems as if they put the road away from the town, it seems to just sit still, looking at you saying "You are not allowed in!" But alas I found a way in, found the bike shop and bought all the bits I needed to tune up the bikes. The best part of leaving Moose Jaw was breakfast, I found a place that had a good old fashioned breakfast that only cost me 3.17$ what a deal! I thought the guy was kidding at first.

Johnny woke up at 5:15am and starting packing his stuff because it seemed like there was a big storm coming and he didn't want to pack in the rain or wet. I got up as well in a daze and started packing, the storm passed with our more than a few drops, he put his tent back up and I just left real early. I get the feeling that he doesn't really enjoy camping that much, packing wet is part of the deal sometimes, not getting up at 5:15am to avoid a little rain!

That evening we played a concert at Lorinda and Kirks place. It was nice to play a show again that didn't have so many coffee machines making noise. The accoustic in the basement was a treat as we had some natural reverb.


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