Monday, June 11, 2007

Calgary and the end of the mountains...

Well as I sit and type this in more or less flat Calgary I will soon have lots of time to reflect on the wonderful riding in the mountains. As we rode out of Canmore I kept looking back wishing it wasn't over... I don't know when I will be in those mountains again so I tried to enjoy every minute of it.

Things have been interesting to say the least, some gigs have been a little rough around the edges, lots of press, radio, all the right things just not a lot of bums in seats. The thing that has kept my spirits up is the kindness of others, it has been amazing. This trip has given me hope in people, how kind they really can be. Johnny and are also starting to find ways to share the stage more and more which is good. Both of us have felt that we are very different and not always inclined to share the stage but are finally finding a way to make it all work. I will be curious to see what happens with the show as it continues to progress.

The good gigs of recent however have been at the Artists B'n'B which was great! I lovely place, made all the more enjoyable by its owner Victoria. The show was one to be treasured as people were all ears and I could see peoples reactions to some of the lines in my songs, what a treat.

Vernon was also a good gig, I played for about 3 hours that night as I was feeling a little homesick and just wanted to play until I was ready to fall over. After just about every song I could think of I packed it in and was still be asked to play more. I went to sleep that night by the river and slept like the dead with soar fingers and throat, a good feeling.

Today was funny as we did a little interview with the CBC and they played back some of the clips from the first interview and we could hear how things have changed even in this first month. I wonder what we will be saying in another few weeks...


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