Sunday, June 17, 2007

June 14 - Lethbridge, AB

The Main Street Cafe in Nanton was a badly needed wonderful show, with an attentive and responsive audience, and kind and accommodating owners. After some rough weather and tough shows, it lifted our spirits back to happiness, reminding us of why we do this. Many thanks to Pam and Kevin for having us in, and at their home.

On the way to Lethbridge today, we met every kind of weather imaginable: sun, cloud, rain, sleet, hail, thunder, lightning, hot, cold, freezing - even a funnel cloud started its way down. It has been a wild welcome to the flat lands so far!

We just went to an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet, thinking our voracious cycling appetites would make us bank-breakers, but we quickly realized that, while we do eat a lot, we eat often and small, and our stomachs are actually smaller than they were before the trip began. So, Derek is on a walk to either burn it off or be sick, and I am lying down letting my gut work through it. I ate a little less than Derek, so I think I am a little better off than him, but boy is my stomach bloated!

I am finding myself wondering how Asta K is (from back in Vernon) - she had a big exam Tuesday, and I wonder if it went well....

We are currently camped in the very small back "yard" of a girl named Meghan, who works at The Slice, and was kind enough to offer us this space to camp in. We're a little nervous about the show tomorrow a) because there are a couple of bands playing that we weren't told about, b) because it is a bar, and we're not really bar music, and c) because we were guaranteed money and a meal, but have no idea how they will afford that with two other bands playing. Wish us luck! (We might need it.)

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