Monday, June 11, 2007

June 4 - Rogers Pass, BC

I have had some redemption! This morning I shooed three baby deer off the road so that they wouldn't get hit.

Today was an extra-long one - from 6AM to 6PM - but very productive. I cycled a little over 100km, including a trip in and out of Revelstoke in the morning to get CD covers printed, go to the bank, and buy a bike pump, patch-kit and tire irons.

The climb up Rogers Pass was difficult only because I did it at the end of a long day that included rain a-plenty. Compared to the peaks going from Hope to Keremeos, I found the climbing relatively easy. Of course, I am a stronger cyclist now. (The Kiwi fellow I met yesterday said he'd much rather go from east to west over Rogers, but I am learning something about the cyclist's perspective: the downs always seem steeper than the ups. When you are screaming down a hill at 50km/h, you can't help but think, "Boy, am I ever glad I am going down this!")

Tonight I am dealing with bugs for the first time on this trip - good prep for Manitoba and Ontario! I ate dinner inside my tent to avoid being a meal myself.

I am wondering where Derek's at right now - if he's ahead or behind me. At times I miss his guidance and company, while at others I am glad for what I figure is a healthy break. I am a very independent person who likes his personal space, and I can go a bit bananas when in close quarters with anyone for days on end. I am also glad not to watch Derek hurtling down hills at 70km/h through snow tunnels with no shoulders to speak of - too many visions of gruesome death there.


It is now 2:43AM. I've slept for seven hours already. I went up to go pee, and decided I wanted to listen to tunes. I am now going to drift off to "La Vie en Rose". Yes, life is surreal.

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