Sunday, June 17, 2007

June 11 - Calgary, AB

Long time enduring this slowed heart
aching for the pulse to quicken
beauties come and gone in fits of attraction
when passion was loose, too easily forgotten

So good, to be back on my heart again
feeling promise and prospect
possibility and imagination
all of which and come to nothing
if that is what will happen -
the chance to feel excited again
will remain appreciated
the change of heart
will be permanent

I will no longer accept
anything less
than a heart laid down
on the spectrum of love
whether beginning an attraction
with quiet admiration
or with loud despair
watching long love end

It is deserving that drives me to this
I have it coming
I have paid my respects
I have given my hommage

Powers that make hearts dance,
be gracious unto me -
I've spent long times enduring
this slow heart aching

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