Sunday, June 10, 2007

June 2 - Vernon to Sicamous, BC - at the Artist B'n'B!

In the morning I felt invigorated and energized, partly from the good sleep and partly from the good conversation the night before. I barely noticed the ride to Sicamous.

We arrived at the Artist B'n'B at 5pm and reveled in the beauty of its surroundings, the funky coloured exterior, the classy artistic interior, the lake available for swimming at the end of another scorching day, and the strong appreciative crowd who came out to support the way we are traveling. The B'n'B's living room was a perfect space to play in. I felt entirely comfortable performing, feeling a complete freedom to play whatever came to my head, which is sadly a real treat for the touring musician, though it should not be AT ALL. The audience really enjoyed Derek & I's differences and how we dynamically bounce off of one another. A few people were visibly emotionally moved by my songs, which was very satisfying, since that is the point of them - to give people a feeling that is worth experiencing.

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