Friday, August 10, 2007

So much good, and one looming shadow

Since last time lets say that I have been busy. Toronto was great, friends, just seeing friends has been something that a body needs. I suppose mentioning names of people I saw is a little silly, nobody else really knows who they are so I will just tell stories. I played a nice game a road hockey in a T.O. parking lot with a friend I have now known for 13 years or something like that. It was good to run around since I have spent this whole tour sitting on my ass! I walked all over Toronto to meet with old friends, seeing how things have changed, or how they have stayed the same.

One highlight was finally getting to meet up with Jowi Taylor and the Six String Nation Guitar To hear Jowi tell the stories of where all the pieces of that guitar came from was truly moving and all most had me in tears at one point. The story of the top of the guitar is what got me. It was a wonderful little visit and to trade stories about crossing this country was a treat.

Then there was the gig at Mitzi's which was a show I had been looking forward to as I had never heard Noah play before. He was wonderful, left me wanting my guitar a a room to play in, inspired, which is the greatest gift one can receive from a show.

Leaving Toronto was a boring ride, nothing but stores for the 12 km or more out of town. Oshawa brought a pleasant surprise as my friends Micah and Doug showed up. That nights sleep however was something a little less joyous. I slept in an extra room on the floor of the bar beside the patio where people were drinking and being merry, while I was praying for sleep because I had a long ride a head of me. The next morning I head for Consecon, 140km from Oshawa on about 4 hours of bad sleep.

Consecon however was a show I had been waiting for since this journey started as it was where I would see Richard who built my guitar for this tour, which has been such a great pleasure for me to play. Seeing him and his wife Tanya was like completing a big circle. Richard was happy to see that I hadn't ruined the guitar and that it has taken to being on a bike very well! There were 3 people at the show that night who had come to play the guitar which was amazing to hear that people had been reading the stories about Richard and the tour.

So I haven't slept a lot at this point, then I go and sleep beside a little river not even setting up my tent, then waking up at 5:15am, yes in the morning after having gone to sleep at after 12 and then hitting the road. I had to make it to Blue Skies by 5:15 which was at least 150km away. That was a long day, knowing you have no choice but to ride that far is always tougher than just riding long distances, that and having a deadline so early in the afternoon. Anyway I made it, it was long, it was 170km and I was tired, but the welcome was a treat. Lets be realistic about this tour, there is not a lot a glory but show up to a festival like that with a bike and all the gear, guitar strapped on top and people want to talk to you, encourage you, actually tell you that they are proud of you. We did our little workshop on enviro touring and then just went and listened to music, to other people making music! I love to listen, I am always playing these days so its great to listen. I met a nice guy from Mexico who said he could help me plan a bike tour through Mexico as well...

I went to Ottawa for a few days, then back to Kemptville to play the show here at the Branch which was a highlight show at this point! It was a treat to have people come all the way from Ottawa to see me, old students from the Folklore Centre, Arthur from the Folklore Centre and a high school friend who heard me on the CBC and came to the show! I hadn't seen him in about 12 years so what a surprise that was.

Then there is Johnny and I trying to get along... which, to say the least, we aren't... to what point... lets just wait and see a little more...

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