Friday, August 31, 2007

Pics and final words...

As I type I am in Waskaganish, a Cree community on the James Bay in Quebec. It is a small village that promises to be pretty quiet and leave me lots of time to record and write new music, live life, learn how to "Not live out of a can" as my wonderful friend Pauline from New Brunswick said.

How does one sum up something that spans such a large period of time? The overall feeling I have now is one of gratitude towards all the kind people that I met. The kindness I am shown by strangers and friends helps to restore my belief in humanity. I found that no matter what beliefs people had, political or otherwise, when you need something as simple as somewhere to sleep and water everything else falls away. Maybe thats what I take away from this, how little it takes to see the good in people, and how little it takes to make me happy.

I would like to thank Richard Paxton for the guitar that rang across this whole country, it is a grand instrument that I will play and treasure for the rest of my life. Also to VIA Rail for getting me out and home safe, it is the greatest way to travel.

To the nice people who came out to the shows, it was always a treat to see faces smiling as they join in the tales told, my thanks. And last but not least Johnny for doing all the booking, it was no small feat and for your hard work, thanks.

On the way to the Black Sheep with Tim and Ghyslain

After party in Montreal with friends and family

Following the St Laurence from Quebec City

Kamouska country! Mountains, water, road, what more can you ask for.

Welcome to New Brunswick indeed, one province left...

Pauline the wonderful woman I met in New Brunswick, a trip highlight.

Touchdown!!!! NOVA SCOTIA!!!!!!!!


Halifax, on my tongue for months and months!

The Rupert River right near my new home in Waskaganish Quebec on the James Bay

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